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tooth advice for my 6 year old DD

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Clure Wed 31-Aug-11 19:19:44

My DD has had a wobbly bottom baby tooth for a couple of months, the new tooth is growing behind it. Last night the wobbly tooth came out but it looks like there is still a bit of the tooth left in her gum. It bled a lot, she won't let me have a proper look though. It looks like the little bit of tooth is also wobbly. I'm not sure whether this will fall out by itself or whether to contact dentist. Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks

Grumpystiltskin Wed 31-Aug-11 19:55:47

How old is she? I'm a dentist and although I treat children rarely, this sounds normal and I would monitor it if I were you. What is important is if it is painful? And if it is a bit of tooth, would your dentist do anything to it? If she won't let you look I reckon we'd have no chance! Leave it a week or so and see what it look slike.

Clure Wed 31-Aug-11 21:31:07

thanks grumystiltskin - she is 6, she say's its not painful. Yes I also think she'd be reluctant to open her mouth to a dentist (she can be VERY stubborn!) I will monitor her; hopefully it will come out in a bit of apple or something.

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