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quick advice on 8 month old

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firsttimemum90 Wed 31-Aug-11 11:18:53

HI, I would really appreciate a quick bit of advice, so dh was bathing ds (8months old) last night and called me in to look at ds head. just before ds soft spot it looks like the bone is pointing out making quite a noticable bump when his hair is wet (has lots of hair so cant see when dry and fluffy). I've never thought much of it just thought it was where his soft spot is slowly closing and is the bone before the soft spot. however dh said is that ds soft spot bulging which of course ended in a google search and me scaring myself half to death! I've felt his head and the bit that bumps out to me feel like bone and far to hard to be a soft spot and nehing it feel soft and sometimes pulsate when he crys or is hot.
if anyone could give me a peace of mind his head shape is normal and this isnt a hard bulging soft spot, or does this not sound normal and should i be worried, I am going to go to the local weigh in clinic this afternoon and get one of the health visitors to have a feel to see.
thank you

TeddyRuxpin Wed 31-Aug-11 11:39:45

Not sure about the bone sticking out. Could it just be part of his skull starting to close over the soft spot?
I do know that it's normal for the soft spot to pulsate, if I hadn't been warned about this beforehand, I would have really freaked out the first time I saw it happening with my DD!
If your DS is otherwise well, I wouldn't worry but have a chat with your HV or take him to your GP to set your mind at rest.

firsttimemum90 Wed 31-Aug-11 11:45:56

well i did think it was just the bone slowly closing over the soft spot, i didnt push down to hard on it but to me if feels very hard like a bone, and when the softspot pulsates it is behind that bumpy bone but, so i dont think it is the soft spot bulging. he is otherwise fine happy little baby.
thanks for your response, im sure its just his skull shape but i tend to worry and think of the worst over the tinest things!
thanks again

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