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CHIROPODIST ADVICE PLEASE-DESPERATE!! Very nasty verucca on my DS(age 7)

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multipurpose Wed 31-Aug-11 10:12:45

My DS has had a verucca for a few months which I initially started treating with Bazooka. However, he wouldn't let me near it to file it down and the dead skin was building up.

A chiropodist gave me some acid (gel...? can't remember the name and I'm not at home to check) which stained it brown and said to try and file it but DS says it hurts. The verucca really swelled up and became kind of dome shaped, was hard and looked like the surface of a cauliflower. I took him back to the chiropodist. She cut all the dead, hard skin away and put silver nitrate on it. It's now black (from the silver nitrate) and the dead skin has built up again after a week, he says it's really itchy and wants to scratch it all the time. It's on his heel and he can't put his heel down and is walking on the ball of his foot all the time which is making his leg ache!

This morning looking at it I was worried and the area around it is red and he has a red rash all the way up to his ankle bone. I've made another appointment with the chiropodist but I don't want to get into a cycle of cutting it away and it growing again. It's already a lot bigger than when it originally started. She also mentioned marigold therapy which I've googled and sounds promising. He is back to school next week though and I'm desperate to try and get it sorted so that he can do sports and swimming.

Any thoughts on the red rash-am very worried about this.

Many thanks.

multipurpose Wed 31-Aug-11 10:23:09

Am also giving Thuja 6, Started a couple of days ago with 6 doses. As from yesterday 3x a day.

nightcat Wed 31-Aug-11 13:12:51

Red rash could be infection, is it spreading? then urgent
s for verucca, you can't beat heavy duty tape and/or banana skin approach, it cured mine which was 20+ years old and very extensive - I had thought I had it for life, but it went with the above grin

Lastly, get zinc supplement suitable for age, it improves immunity generally and helps to get it out from the inside

LordOfTheFlies Wed 31-Aug-11 15:07:21

Verrucas are a bu**er to treat .

They can look bigger after treatment because the acid ( usually salacylic acid) makes the skin more mascerated and soggy.

There are good and bad in all treatments, some suit one person but not another.

Duck tape (the heavy duty waterproof stuff) will occlude and mascerate the area ,so when you remove it, a but of the verruca skin comes off.
Some people try nail varnish, it occludes and stays put, bit difficult to prise off though.
Banana skin has an enzyme which breaks down tissue, but you can only use at night ( or it would be impossible to keep in place)

Marigold therapy has different types. One heals ( so for ulcers) one will break down tissue ( so good for verrucas, callouses, fibrous corns)> If your chiropodist uses it, it's worth a try, but again it can be messy.And check how long it has to be kept on and can you get it wet. Or do you apply it yourself.

You could ask if your GP will freeze with liquid nitrogen. It forms a blister so you would need padding on the heel. And you need to bear in mind not all children will tolerate it.

Silver nitrate is quick quick working, so by the time it goes black that's effectively it.

My DD got a verruca swimming last year (on her heel). She didn't like the Bazuka gel, said it hurt her. I had to pad up her heel with felt (with a hole cut out over verruca)
Eventually it went very black, that's the blood vessels, and came off- healed lovely.
They can get itchy when they are resolving,BTW but I would have the rash checked. Might be something rubbing or might be sign of infection.

I'd love to offer you a quick soloution but there aren't any sad

Might be an idea to get a verruca sock, just in case.

And if you do need to keep the dressing dry, there's a product called seal-Tight which is a waterproof sock for bathing. You can get them on prescription. OTC they are about £28.

nocake Wed 31-Aug-11 15:13:54

There's nothing that will actually get rid of a verucca except the body's immune system. The treatments are simply attempts to provoke the immune system into responding, and cutting away the verucca to make it less painful. However, a red rash is not a good sign so can I suggest you take him to see a doc.

swingingcat Wed 31-Aug-11 15:15:09

I used thuja oil from Neals Yard to rid youngest DC of verrucas.

School nurse and scholl shop tried silver nitrate but I wasn't happy to continue as the scarring was awful and also very painfull.

Verucca took about 6 mths to vanish. Good luck.

multipurpose Wed 31-Aug-11 21:15:44

Thanks for all the replies. Saw the banana skin remedy on here so am going to try that. I will ask chiropodist to cut away skin and then I'll carry on with the skins and thuja.

What a pain in the a**e they are!

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