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Talk to me about Calpol usage

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LittleMilla Wed 31-Aug-11 08:51:38

My DS is 17 weeks and beginning to teeth. We have gallons of saliva, knawing on everything in site. And of course I have permanantly sodden shoulders.

In the last week or so his voice has become very hoarse and he's generally being a bit sad. I've give him Calpol a few times now (three times yesterday), but am already worried about using it too much.

So my question to the experienced MN mothers out there - how much/often do you use it??

firsttimemum90 Wed 31-Aug-11 11:25:48

hi my ds is 8 months so not overly experienced but didnt want to not leave a comment. I'm sure you'll soon get lots of mums saying not to give it and others are for it.
my ds has been teething on and off from about 4 months and on bad days i do use it 4-6 hourly but only if i see a change after giving the first dose, of course i i dont give it everyday i try teething gel see if that takes the edge of, put his teethers in the freezer and offer him them, but when he his very upset and can tell its defently his teeth i do give calpol or baby neurofen (i find neurofen works better on ds teeth) 6 hourly.
my mum is mum of 4 and she said when we were babies and teething she would in her words 'dose us up' as she doesnt feel it fair to have an upset baby with their teeth, for example if we had tooth ache we wouldnt sit and suffer we would take pain meds.
if your ds is anything like mine we normally have a bad couple of days followed but a good few days then over a few weeks a tooth or 2 normally cut through then we have a few weeks rest until it all starts again!
ds did start teething on and off since four months but his teeth only started coming through around 6 and half months.

SouthGoingZax Wed 31-Aug-11 11:29:28

I have 23 month DTs.

We Calpol at the least provocation (bad nappy rash, teething, bang on the head) but usually only one dose before bedtime - very rarely through the day.

I agree with firsttimemum90 that it's useful to look for an improvement before giving a second dose.

LittleMilla Wed 31-Aug-11 11:56:35

Thanks ladies. I gave him one dose yesterday daytime and then one at 9pm after a random wake up and inconsolable and another at 3am...but that was more for good measure TBH blush. Nothing today.

We've already had a couple of weeks of intense dribble etc and I am already dreading the coming i'm not sure when the b*ggers will pop through. Very hard gums that are looking lighter on the bottom, but no bump yet?

He's ALL OVER the place. And simply wants to have cuddles and sleep loads. I know that they have a big developmental spurt it this age, so fear that it's all coming at once.

Will look at getting some ibuprofen today too. Thank you.

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