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Reflux in ds age 4

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tiger66 Wed 31-Aug-11 07:51:34

Does anyone have any advice for me with my little boy who has now been diagnosed with reflux. He has been complaining of stomach ache and sore throat for what seems forever. Now that he has had his tonsils out and still getting the sore throats the consultant has diagnosed reflux! Waiting to see the gp and then probably a paediatrician who specialises in reflux as our ENT consultant doesn't but wandering if anyone can offer any advice whilst waiting! Can you believe the first gp appt I can have is 3 weeks away as it is non-urgent! I never understand that as if it was that urgent I would be in A&E!

MillyMollyMardy Wed 31-Aug-11 23:17:17

My son has this diagnosis, he's nearly 4. He gets tummy ache and is occasionally sick. He takes Ranitidine but it's difficult to tell if it helps as he's not the best historian. He had a barium swallow to look for reflux and hiatus hernia. This was clear but in the abscence of any other explanation for his symtoms he has reflux. His Dad also gets indigestion and takes Omepazole so i'm blaming genetics.
Whilst you are waiting to see the consultant it's maybe worth asking if your GP will prescribe liquid ranitidine to see if it helps with the stomach ache/sore throat. Sorry I can't offer much else.

tiger66 Thu 01-Sep-11 23:36:31

Thanks Milly Molly - will do. Unfortunately I get reflux and only suffer with a sore throat so agree on the genetics front!

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