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Verrucas - what to do?

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hillyhilly Mon 29-Aug-11 21:18:24

My 6 yr old dd appears to have two verrucas on her foot, one os in the pad of her big toe and is a little uncomfortable, it's only just appeared I think.
Do I need to do anything? Take her to the dr? Chiropodist? Boots (the chemist)

cyb Mon 29-Aug-11 21:19:17

Get some veruca treatment from chemist

Apparently covering them with duct tape gets rid too

rainbowinthesky Mon 29-Aug-11 21:20:10

Show the pharmicist and you can buy something for it.

mckenzie Mon 29-Aug-11 21:21:04

my friend who is a foot doctor says that if they are not painful, then to leave them alone. Let her body get rid of them itself and then supposedly she'll not get another one.

mercibucket Mon 29-Aug-11 21:21:24

go to boots and buy some verucca treatment, the super strength works quicker but the original gets there in the end. apart from anything else, it stops you getting them as they are not contagious when the stuff is on them

peggotty Mon 29-Aug-11 21:23:25

The gp won't see her until you have tried something OTC first. I got some Salactol free from the pharmacist for my dd.

Hulababy Mon 29-Aug-11 21:29:18

I was told to just leave them alone when DD had one, unless they are causing discomfort.

Doctors won't do anything initially and the over the counter treatments take ages to work. In our experience the verruca came out on its own after a few weeks anyway. In the time DD had one neither DH or myself got one despite her being barefoot at home all the time.

ilovedjasondonovan Mon 29-Aug-11 21:29:32

banana skin. Sounds wierd, but after DD having a painful one for almost a year it was the only thing that god rid of it. Thanks to other mumsnetters for that tip.

KindleAddict Mon 29-Aug-11 21:39:49

My dd recently had 3 on her foot. Took her to docs & he prescribed Salbutamol acid which hurt when we put it on.

What eventually got rid of them was taping banana skin to her veruccas at night and leaving her sock on overnight. Its supposed to help cut off the blood supply and after 4 nights her veruccas had come off. Initially it turns them black. I just cleaned them with baby wipe each morning.

Lots of people swear by this. Just google banana verucca. Worked brilliantly for my dd.

nocake Mon 29-Aug-11 21:49:03

Veruccas will eventually disappear when the body's immune system identifies them and kills them off. All you can do with a treatment is try and accelerate the process of your immune system identifying them but there's actually no evidence that any of them work. That's why your doctor won't give you anything because he/she knows it's a waste of time.

When I was a kid I had all of the available treatments and none of them got rid of the veruccas. Eventually they just disappeared.

ilovedjasondonovan Mon 29-Aug-11 21:49:17

Took 2 weeks for my DDs verucca with the banana skin method, but given it was a year old it was a big bugger.

After 2 weeks it hadn't fallen off as everyone elses had, but had gone really really smooth. So we gave it, and 3 days later it came out. Has to have been the nana skin.

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