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7 month old keeps being sick after being fed...worried

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Chica31 Mon 29-Aug-11 20:25:53

long sorry...

Every time we have given DD2 solid food today she has thrown up.

Since Wednesday she has had a temp of about 37.5 to 38. Thursday it suddenly went up to 40 plus and she had a convulsion. It isn't the first time she has had one of these, her temp rises very rapidly and it seems to be her bodys way of dealing with it. Went to hospital, stayed in over night was told it was a virus.

Temp continued until this morning, I had an appointment at the doctors, he has checked her again, said it looks like it's a virus, but her throat looked a tiny bit red.

Now she has no temperature and seems happyish. She has been moaning a bit today, but not crying, just a bit fussier. But she throws up all her solid food. She is eating happily, then all of a sudden the lot comes back, no cough, no warning.

She is not really crying for food, but would have been happy to be attached to me all day. Of course after being on 3 meals a day for about 2 weeks my milk supply isn't what it used to be!

She is sat happily in her high chair at the moment watching DH wash up.

And to top it all, I am back at work full time on Thursday...I just want to cry!

Any ideas what i should do?

LHanks1983 Mon 29-Aug-11 23:24:02

Hi! Hope you're OK! Don't cry!!! The main thing is that you little one seems happy in herself. How old is she? A little ones stomach is sensitive at the best of times but following a virus her body is reacting in a similar way to how ours would react. Is she getting lots of fluids? Both of my little ones are poorly at the moment and have vomited unexpectedly! My 20month old threw up all over me in Toys R Us yesterday (nice!) and then my little lad, 14 weeks, has been projectile vomiting several times today (on me!) but both of them have been perfectly happy in themselves. Worrying when it happens but completely understandable!
The main thing that should be of concern is the temperature, but by the looks of thing that is fine! My doc recommended 'diarolyte' sachets to prevent dehydration but other than that siad let them ride it out! H

Hope this helped and Good Luck! x

Chica31 Tue 30-Aug-11 09:10:54

Thanks for that LHanks1983.

She seems fine in herself again this morning, but was up loads of times in the night to feed so she is hungry.

just off to try a bit of weetabix, fingers crossed

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