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6 yr old with tummy pain

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NellyTheElephant Mon 29-Aug-11 15:36:35

My 6 yr old gets regular tummy pain. It is generally worst in the evenings but she often suffers it at any time of the day too, which makes her listless and bad tempered. This is a long term problem (approx 2 yrs). In the last few months we have not had a single day go by without her complaining of tummy pain. Potted history:

Started around 2 yrs ago not long after she started reception. It was bad enough that she occasionally complained to the school nurse. My initial thought was constipation so gave her lots of dried fruit and more to drink (note - she has always pooed regularly and eats loads of fruit and vegetables, however she does occasionally have light soiling in pants which made me think of constipation). This didn't help so took her to the doctor who said she seemed a bit bloated and prescribed some sort of anti bloating stuff which didn't help. Tried antacids which didn't help. She was referred for a hospital appointment (5 months of waiting, appt last july) and they took an xray and said it did appear that there was some poo stuck in her bowel so suggested movicol. Pain continued, moved house and started new school last sept. Pain worse, a couple of times she was up screaming in the night and I thought maybe she had appendicitis it was that bad, but generally low level bothersome rather than agony.

More dr appts, one suggested maybe psycological and that we kept a diary to see if there were any triggers, which we did (hence i am now very aware of the fact most pain is early evening). Another dr prescribed a month of another constipation remedy (mainly to rule it out as we have done this before), which made no difference and now I have another paediatric appt at the hospital next week.

I'm slightly losing hope of anything helping. My current dr talks of abdominal migraines (basically a cover all term for unexplained tummy pain when nothing else seems to be wrong). Obviously I don't actually want anything to be wrong with her, but equally I'm getting despondent that we can't seem to fix this.

Has anyone been through anything similar and do you have any thoughts?

nightcat Mon 29-Aug-11 15:42:27

When you say diary, do you mean food diary as well as symptoms? I would say watch the wheat, it can cause all the symptoms you mention.

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