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DD 10months- lump on head

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MockingbirdsNotForSale Sun 28-Aug-11 21:55:54

DD currently has chicken pox and it is quite bad on her scalp. However I have noticed a hard lump under the skin on the bottom right hand side of her head about 1.5 inches behind her ear and just above the muscle that runs up from the neck. Its about 1cm round and doesn't move about. I of course started to get worried sick. Then I thought perhaps its a swollen lymph node from fighting the virus. Can anyone tell me if there is a lymph node around this location or what this lump could be? I've felt my own head and cannot feel anything like this in that area. It is not a result of a fall or anything like that.
Many thanks for any ideas

DoesBuggerAll Sun 28-Aug-11 22:03:56

Could well be a harmless cyst. DD2 had one on the back of her head when she was a similar age. We had it checked out, the paedriatrician felt it and said it was most likely harmless and just monitor it for changes. It went away by itself after a few months.

Have the doctor look at it and don't worry too much.

Nagoo Sun 28-Aug-11 22:20:12

My 9MO DD has a bony lump exactly like you describe.

She is bald so we saw it as soon as she was born. There's nothing wrong, it's just a bumpy head.

My son calls it an ankle on her head smile

MockingbirdsNotForSale Sun 28-Aug-11 22:46:48

Its not bony and its new. Thats the worrying part.

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