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Trimethoprim, how did it affect your DC?

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wolfcubEm83 Fri 26-Aug-11 21:47:01

DD (9weeks) has kidney issues and has been prescribed Trimethoprim to ensure she doesnt get a kidney/bladder infection pending a huge array of tests etc.

Shes only taken 3 doses and we havent noticed much of a difference except her absolute refusal to sleep at the moment. She had a great nights sleep both of the last 2 nites but hasnt slept since 1pm today and isnt showing any signs of tiredness at all!! Shes currently playing on her playmat beaming smiles at her daddy and kicking her legs around in absolute bliss grin bless her.

Has anyone experienced any affects that we should be aware of?

Thanks x

starfishmummy Fri 26-Aug-11 22:17:36

Ds had a trimethoprim for the same reason for several years. He had no side effects at all.
The only thing i would add is that it doesn't protect against all bladder infections.

wolfcubEm83 Fri 26-Aug-11 22:54:14

Thanks starfish, we will be on high alert (obviously) for any signs of infection

Hevster Sat 27-Aug-11 20:45:12

DD2 is on it at the mo and no ill effects, however as starfishmummy says it doesn't cover them all, it had naff all effect on the last uti and we had to have something else.
can I enquire what test you are waiting for etc as we have had some and are waiting for others with kidney issues?

CocktailMumma Sat 27-Aug-11 20:52:06

My DD had Trimethorpim from brth to age 7 for similar reasons. Because she had it from day 1 I never knew what she would have been like without it.

She was fine and still is at the age of 12, although neither kidneyworks 100%.

trickydickie Sun 28-Aug-11 15:56:23

My ds has been on it since 4 months old (when he got a uti and was then found to have kidney/bladder problems). He has now been on it for over 10 months and I have not noticed any side effects either.

Hope all the tests come back fine for your wee girl.

wolfcubEm83 Mon 29-Aug-11 11:41:21

Thanks all for your replies, its very comforting to know that other people have been through the same thing and have such positive stories.

Hevster we are waiting for some nuclear medicine scans, mainly a DMSA scan and then another one (cant remember the name) and then another ultrasound (to compare to the one at 6 weeks). We're also being referred to Birmingham Childrens Hospital to see a paediatric urologist just to check things are ok with everything. She also has a heart murmur so waiting to see a cardiologist for a heart scan, good job im taking a year off looks like we'll be busy!!

Shes been super happy the last few days and slept 10 hours straight last night (shes always been a good sleeper) so im convinced shes fine.

Hevster Mon 29-Aug-11 21:25:32

wolf sounds a bit similar!, DD2 had a MAG3 scan in the nuclear medicine unit at Salisbury and is now awaiting referal to Southampton as the results were not as straightforward as the consultant had hoped. DD2 is a good sleeper as well (unlike DD1 and since DD2 and her kidney issues me!) Good to hear someone else has similar, and hope your heart scan is ok

wolfcubEm83 Tue 30-Aug-11 09:46:52

Thats it Hevster, a MAG3 scan. How old is your DD?? Did she cope ok with the scan? Its horrible to have to hand them over for a test when they're so tiny, I hate taking her to the hospital sad
I hope everything goes ok at Southampton, its good that shes been referred to the right people.

We told DP's mom about the heart murmur last night and she said that he had one when he was a baby so we feel a lot better about that too.

Hevster Thu 01-Sep-11 05:48:25

scan itself was fine, although she screamed through most of it she was screaming in anger not pain! the horrible bit was getting the canula (prob spelt wrong) in her hand which the first doctor messed up. DD2 is 10 months and the scan was 20 mins then a break then 2 minutes more scanning. Glad you are feeling better about the heart murmur and good luck with the scan x

wolfcubEm83 Thu 01-Sep-11 11:30:38

Thanks x

Got an appointment through the post for a micturating cystogram today...she has to have a catheter!! Shes only 10 weeks old and shes got to have it in most of the day so they can introduce dye into her bladder and then scan her to see what happens. I am really anxious about it sad
Shes usually quite nosey so im hoping shes less bothered abut the catheter and more interested in whats going on around her.
sad sad sad

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