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4 yo says it hurts when he tries to wee

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ratflavouredjelly Fri 26-Aug-11 21:04:38

Hi there
Wondered if anyone could advise me or is/has been in the same boat? My DS (4 yo) is going through a 'not going for a wee' as often as he used to phase. We have just moved house, so it might also be a 'change' and 'attention' thing.

But, he keeps saying the wee won't come and told me tonight that his willy hurts inside every time he does a wee. But I wondered if he was building up going to the toilet at night and worrying about it. I will take him to the docs to check for possible water infection.

LordOfTheFlies Fri 26-Aug-11 21:50:20

Does his wee smell? If so there may be infection.Pain is a good indication. Does he have a temperature?
Is he drinking enough? You can tell by the colour- should be pale straw colour.If he will drink cranberry juice(I wouldn't by choice) it's a natural rememdy,supposed to stop bacteria clinging to bladder wall.

I can appreciate it's hard to check if he's not weeing.
Boys are less prone to ITU than girls but best play safe.

If you take him to the GPs take a urine sample in a sealed sterile jar (sluice in boiling water with a spoon in it to stop it cracking, then let it cool)

There was a thread on chat about a mum whos DD was crying when she wee'd and it turned out to be an infection, so better safe than sorry.

It's probably the change of scene thats upset him.He might find something scarey in the new bathroom.Maybe worried about falling in or getting stuck or locked in?

My DS (who is older than yours) likes to pee on those Toilet Duck discs and sandblast them off the toilet.Or a pingpong ball or match ( anything that floats and won't flush). Try to get him to 'sink' it.
Run the taps, whistle or get him to pee in the bath if it hurts to wee.

But I think first, if it's an infection to cure that. Give him Calpol/painkiller, lots of fluid to flush through, get your wee sample for your GP (bribe him if you have to)
Then do some detective work to see if something is worrying him.

HTH smile

ratflavouredjelly Fri 26-Aug-11 23:09:45

LordOfTheFlies I am not worthy... What a great reply. Thanks so much, will try out some of these things. I think he might be a bit scared because our new house is a 'project' wine and more wine...
And the upstairs toilet needs gutting and DS keeps saying there are cobwebs and spiders (because it needs demolishing & there was a spider when we first moved there, and it's SOOOO different from our lovely spa style bathroom from our last house (which incidentally I designed before DD and DS - not realising I would never get an aromatherapy bath with candles again ha ha ha!).

PotatoesOfTheCarribean Fri 26-Aug-11 23:14:13

Take him to the GP and get him checked. Does he have a temp at all?

UTIs need treatment. It may not be that but you do need to get it checked.

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