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Gaviscon - Just spoken to Dr and need some advice.

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emmywoo Thu 25-Aug-11 14:34:42

Hi All,

My lo has been on gaviscon for a week, just spoken to Dr as felt it wasnt working correctly and he told me to do the following:

* Increase doseage to 2 sachets per bottle as he is 11lb 14oz (can I still do this in each of his 6 feeds)

* Look to put him on comfort milk (he is on cow and gate milk, has anyone else put there lo on comfort milk whilst on Gaviston and seen any difference due to constipation and poss colic in the evening)

Many Thanks


Gillybean73 Fri 26-Aug-11 00:56:11

I've been through all of the above with my DS who is now 18 months.

From the time he was two weeks old he suffered from severe reflux and the doctors buggered about for MONTHS before they actually found a combination of treatment that worked.

My DS was big for his age and he was on 2 sachets of Gaviscon per feed for all his bottles and when they added in Omeprazole into the equation which he just took once a day in the morning, that was the turning point for us and it made a huge difference to my DS and our lives in general as he was a lot happier wee boy :-)

I tried all the different 'comfort' types of milk and to be honest I don't think they really made much of a difference as the 2 sachets of Gaviscon will thicken any type of formula feed anyway which is the desired result of using these products i.e. they are thicker than standard formula. You will probably find that using a 'comfort' milk with the double dose of Gaviscon may be too thick for a young baby to cope with anyway.

If I were you (and assuming that it's reflux your LO has) then I'd go back to your doctor and ask for Omeprazole and I'm sure you'll find a whole world of a difference once you use that in combination with the Gaviscon.

My friend is a GP who has connections with the main sick Children's hospital for Scotland and he gave me a lot of advice regarding my DS that my own GP didn't know about or bother to tell me about and it was him who recommended the Omeprazole and Gaviscon combination and it was a real light bulb moment for us.

Once my DS got to 11 months he was off all his medications and has not had any further stomach problems so there is light at the end of the tunnel. One thing I have discovered though that if he does vomit now (through a bug he's picked up and not reflux related) then oh boy is he sick!! It's unbelievable the amount and the distance he can cover and I know someone else who had a reflux baby who is now exactly the same as a child. Their son is 4 and he can cover a room in seconds if he's not well! Thought I'd better warn you just in case!!

Let me know how you get on x x

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