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Any dentists here?

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Hther Tue 23-Aug-11 17:19:41

I am in agony with impacted wisdom tooth, there is only a small amount of tooth visible, it is distal bony impaction, lower tooth

Was mean to have all 4 out under general as a teenager and was too scared of going under but now they want to do it under local i'm wishing for a general!

They said when I was 17 that the bottom teeth would not come through any further than they already were which was wrong and that my top teeth wouldnt erupt at all but they did so I was glad i hadnt had them out then now i wish i ahd though as i dread having them done while awake.

The tooth is also so badly decayed that if left i would need root canal before long apparently.

The dentist said they may need to remove some bone as well as lift the gum growing over it and give me stitches. I'm terrfied.

Should I believe the dentist who says i'll be fine with local?!

Hther Tue 23-Aug-11 17:20:32

sorry meant to post in general health not childrens! blush

Grumpystiltskin Tue 23-Aug-11 19:27:50

I'm a dentist, I had both (undecayed) distally impacted (into bone) lower wisdom teeth out under local when I was about 23. It was absolutely fine. Although I'm not worried about dentistry (for obvious reasons!!) I genuinely believe that if you can have it done under local, you should. I see far less post op pain/swelling in "Local" cases than "general", you should remember though that the worst impactions are usually done under general (as they can be unpleasant/take lots of time) so if someone is happy to do it under local then it will be fine.

Hther Tue 23-Aug-11 19:46:07

thanks, ahve been scaring myself silly looking online, including some posts on here!

I had an upper one that was crumbling removed by local a while back and for some reason was only slightly worried but this time terrfied, worst thing last time ws taste of blood and the taste of the anaesthetic when it ran down my throat and made me gag.

The funny thing is, despite my fear of dentists, I went to NHS dentist wanting it out, they just cleaned it which made it very sore, and made an appt for me to have fillings on my other side!

Went back as pain increased, still not taking it out. Thought maybe I was silly for thinking it needed extracting but went to private dentist who agreed with me it needed to come out and mentioned the decay which previous dentist had not noticed / mentioned and said it should have come out yesterday and if it wasnt taken out it would need root canal filling or extraction later anyway and that it is growing at wrong angle and if it did come through any further it would be functionless anyway as no top tooth to go with it and wrong angle. But not sure as two dentists at NHS practice didnt think removal necessary and didnt mention decay whether private dentist is just agreeing that it needs removing as he wants the money. But then if that was the case, why did he say the fillings the NHS dentist mentioned wer unnecessary?

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