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help - trapped wind in 19-month-old already off dairy

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Greecelover Tue 23-Aug-11 10:20:56

My daughter has suffered from wind since about 8 weeks old. She was breast fed for a year - I experimented with formula at three months and she reacted so badly I slowly came to the conclusion that she had issues with dairy. I then cut dairy out of my diet and kept breastfeeding her up until 13 months. Since being off the dairy she has been way better. BUT for the last few months the wind has reappeared. I've been to a paediatrician twice and he suspects that the recurrence could be due to teething causing additional saliva in the gut. He prescribed Buscopan, crushed up, but it is SO SO vile that even with copious amounts of honey/whatever added she either won't drink it or just throws up. She's consumed gallons of gripe water over the months, which helps a bit, but I am beginning to run out of ideas now. I don't really want to just try and treat the pain, I want to solve the problem, as it were! She has a very 'safe' diet, nothing rich, spicy or beany. I have kept a food diary and can make no correlation with any other foodstuff.
What else can I do? On average she wakes up once, maybe twice at night, crying, arching and flexing til eventually she farts. At which point she falls fast asleep again.
I'm seeing the consultant again in a couple of months. Her teeth are nearly all through. Do I just cling on til she's two and hope it all goes away and she sleeps through? Or is there anything else I can try? I'm thinking of trying Dentinox colic drops and homeopathy.
Would be grateful for any thoughts. There doesn't seem to be much around on toddlers with wind, unless they are still on dairy.

Solo Tue 23-Aug-11 10:25:35

You could try a weakish solution of camomile tea. Put honey or brown sugar with it if she dislikes the taste, but camomile is what I gave my Ds from very young and it worked on his colic.

Greecelover Tue 23-Aug-11 10:39:16

Thanks Solo. When do you give it to him? After meals? before bed? or during an attack? I have tried her with digestif tea - fennel and peppermint. To be honest, sometimes just having a drink during an attack can help push it through. But as I say, I really want to get to the root of this problem rather than just trying to treat it.

Solo Tue 23-Aug-11 10:52:50

I can't really remember; he's 13 now, but it did work a treat. It relaxes you, so it could just be that it relaxes the gut.
I would probably give a small amount after food and it's worth experiemting with.
I used to make up a pint and add the sweet stuff (just a teaspoon full) and leave the bag in until it was cool, remove bag, cover and put in fridge, then when needed, half fill a small bottle/cup, top up with boiling water and serve if/when drinking temperature.

Greecelover Tue 23-Aug-11 20:08:41

thanks - I'll give it a go!

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