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suejh Sun 21-Aug-11 21:06:58

My dd is 14 months old but 12 1/2months old corected as she was prem. She always has had very loose hips. She struggled to learn to hold her head up, she has only just learnt to move around by commando crawling. Her hips are still ever so flexable and so are her shoulders so we have to be careful when lifting her up as you can feel her bones clicking.

I have pushed for 5 months to get to see the physio, we have seen her for a while but has finnaly has said last week that she has hypermobility. I am now trying to find out about hypermobility and how I can help her so any infomation would really help, also I am seeing our physio on Wed can anyone think of anything I should ask her? thanks

quirkychick Sun 21-Aug-11 21:53:08

Hi suejh not an expert but wanted to just reply. Our problem is not exactly the same but similar. My dd2 has DS and so has hypotonic muscles and her hips are very flexible too. She is 19months and can commando crawl and sometimes pull herself up.

I think a diagnosis is certainly a step forward. Perhaps you should ask for any literature/support groups relating to hypermobility. For example, I have a gross motor skills book with exercises for DS; perhaps there is something similar?

Also, perhaps she can give you some timescales for milestones for your dd? What other activities would help her or, in fact, could be dangerous? Like swimming/ baby gym etc. Are there any particular screening/other tests etc. that she might need? What other agencies would you need? We have had special seats from Occupational Therapy to help with sitting, is there anything that would help your dd at the stage she is now? How else might her hypermobility impact on your dd's health?

Hope this helps and that someone with more expertise can help.

auntevil Mon 22-Aug-11 12:05:11

seujh - there is a huge thread on SN section for hypermobility issues. join up and ask questions.
My DH has just been told that he is hypermobile - he has dyspraxia too and a few other issues.
Although hypermobility is a symptom of many other conditions, it can also just mean that your dd will be very flexible - a contortionist even.

Marne Tue 23-Aug-11 10:12:11

Agree with auntevil- come on over to the sn threads, there are lots of us with hypermobile dc's including me, both my dd's have hypermobility, they have only just been diagnosed at the age of 7 and 5, it can be a sign of other conditions (as it is with my dd's) but it can also not be. Both my dd's are having OT and physio, there are lots of things you can try to improve posture and offer extra support as she gets older. Dd1 didn't sit up until she was 12 months and walked at 18 months, she alwas sumped in her pushchair and highchair. Both dd's are very bendy and sit in very odd positions.

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