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I think I've might been a bit stupid about the antibiotic cream.

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winnybella Sun 21-Aug-11 10:24:15

DD (2.7) got folliculitis (i.e. infected hair follicles) on her pubis and bum on holidays. One of the spots turned into a boil. Went to a doctor who prescribed an AB cream and said to use it til the spots get better. Thing is it's been 2 weeks already and first boil has cleared, she has a second one that drained but there's still a red bump there and also she has a few more spots that may or may not turn into boils.

Now I remember reading on the cream notice that it's not advised for babies and small children as the risks of toxic side effects is higer for them (as the cream might enter the bloodstream) and it mentioned some scary stuff about kidney failure etc etc.Also I think it said something about the normal use is 7 days and to ask the doctor if you need long term treatment. I lost the notice hmm

But as I thought that you have to use ABs til the infection clears I kept on using it but now I'm a bit worried about the side effects etc. Surely 2 weeks should be enough for it to clear the infection?

Obviously I'll call DD's doctor tomorrow but I haven't put the cream on today yet. Should I?

I'm feeling a bit of a twit blush

winnybella Sun 21-Aug-11 10:28:18


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