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Nasal cauterisation

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Oneandnomore Sat 20-Aug-11 21:51:52

My DD has been referred to ENT clinic for this she is having frequent nose bleeds.

I have looked on a couple of sites and people have posted commenting on how painful it was after the procedure.

Just wondered if anyone has experience of this, any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

slightlyoversharing Sat 20-Aug-11 22:04:53

My DS had it done twice as a young child/pre-teen (aged around 6 and then again at around 8 iirc)

Very painful. Really very painful (and he's had a lot of ENT ops and he says it was one of the most painful "minor" ops he had)

And for the condition he turned out to have it was a total waste of time. <sigh>

Sorry sad

Oneandnomore Sat 20-Aug-11 22:13:50

Oh bless him. I am wondering what to do now as she has a low pain threshold. The GP prescibed her some cream and there has been an improvement since then.

Am concerned that her appointment is only five days before she is back at school. I may ring and alter her appointment and see how she goes.

foxinsocks Sat 20-Aug-11 22:16:11

How frequent is frequent (her nose bleeds)?

Just wondering as ages ago i went to the GP for dd and ds and they were totally disinterested

Oneandnomore Sat 20-Aug-11 22:24:54

This past three weeks up until being prescribed the cream they have been every three days or so. She had two or three when asleep, which is what made me take her to the GP.

We have taken her once before and a different doctor said that frequent nosebleeds are common in children. Apparently the blood vessels can be more prominent in some children.

Henrythehappyhelicopter Sat 20-Aug-11 22:32:08

My DD had this procedure a few weeks ago, and there was no pain at all.

She was having many nosebleeds.

The cauterisation was done with some sort of liquid.

I had cauterisation done some time ago and it was very painful and completely different to her experience.

slightlyoversharing Sat 20-Aug-11 22:44:43

Maybe they've changed the way they do it Henry? DS is 21 on Monday so it was a while ago. blush

Oneandnomore Sat 20-Aug-11 22:48:00

Oh thank you Henry. Has it been effective for your DD?

I'll ring the clinic on Monday and ask how they do the procedure and take their advice.

LargeGlassofRed Sat 20-Aug-11 22:48:43

I had mine done as a teenager, it was awful very painful. I'm sure they must have improved the op now.
Might be worth checking exactly what the procedure will be to prepare beforehand.

Oneandnomore Sat 20-Aug-11 22:50:15

Aww slightly but he will always be your baby! grin

CointreauVersial Sat 20-Aug-11 22:58:34

I had this done when I was 12 - I'm afraid I cannot deny it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced (until I gave birth). I did have a local anaesthetic, so the actual procedure wasn't too bad, but it wore off pretty quickly, and the next 24 hours were miserable. I lay in bed crying for a long time and couldn't touch/blow my nose for several days.

But, IT WORKED!! and the miserable hours of nosebleeds I used to suffer became a thing of the past.

This was a good few years ago, so I imagine things have improved, but it is a sensitive part of your body being cauterised, so some discomfort is probably unavoidable.

But I would definitely go for it. Chronic nosebleeds are utterly miserable. Good luck to your DD, hope she gets through it OK.

MyCatHasStaff Sat 20-Aug-11 22:59:33

My DS had this done about 8 years ago, just done with a stick thing (very technical!) He was fine, but it was a bit sore. He had the cream too, which helped. He was having very spectacular spontaneous nosebleeds 3/4 times a week, caused by enlarged blood vessels. It definitely helped, but didn't stop them completely.

80sMum Sat 20-Aug-11 23:12:07

I had it done when I was eight, in 1966. I don't remember it being painful at all. Was just very glad to stop the nosebleeds. Have never had any problems since.

Oneandnomore Sat 20-Aug-11 23:15:14

Thanks both. Cointreau, it is miserable for her, especially at 2am sad

I guess a little discomfort after having it done is better than disturbed sleep for her, especially when back at school.

monkeybumsmum Sun 21-Aug-11 13:12:06

I had this done when I was about 15, and I don't remember having any pain at all. HTH

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