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anyone's dc has lichen sclerosus

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bocboc8 Sat 20-Aug-11 17:49:08

About 3 weeks ago, my dd was quite sore and red. I thought it might be thrush so used canesten. Redness and soreness was gone within a few days. But since last week I noticed her labia is quite pale in colour. Been reading up on lichen sclerosis and this got me really worried. Took my dd to see our GP yesterday and she said this only occur in elderly women but I know this is not correct since this skin condition can happen to any ages. My GP examined her and reassured that her vulva is looking normal. I'm not convinced because her labia is still looking quite pale.

I'm praying that it's not LS but what other condition will cause pale labia?

bocboc8 Sun 21-Aug-11 17:24:50

I've been reading some of the old threads regarding this. For those that have this skin condition, do you use steriod long term or once it's under controlled use it for flare ups only?

Anyone had it once and then for it never returned?

Thanks for any info.

breadmaker Sun 21-Aug-11 17:31:31

Hi I have this myself, but it is mild and controllable. It can also occur in children so get a second opinion. A lot of The damage from LS comes from d scarring so the sooner it is treated and controlled, the better. Go and see a different GP but don't panic, it may be nothing. I only use a steroid creAM very occasionally when it flares up but use a petroleum based moisturiser prescribed b y the dermatologist every day. Hope that helps. Try not to worry

Mumsnut Sun 21-Aug-11 17:33:17

Children can get this - my niece has it. Real, true lichen sclerosis and we had a terrible job getting the diagnosis.

INSIST on a specialist referral.

(IME, steroids are used extensively to start with, then tapered off, then used during flare-ups).

Have you tried for info and support?

bocboc8 Sun 21-Aug-11 17:36:21

Thanks for replying. I've looked at the support group already.

I'm thinking of taking my dd back to the dr tomorrow but when I checked her this morning her vulva is looking less pale - sort of pale pink now. Is this possible?

Mumsnut Mon 22-Aug-11 11:33:55

I should think so if she has been using steroids conscientiously - or if the GP was right and it wasn't LS.

bocboc8 Mon 22-Aug-11 12:19:44

My dd hasn't started any treatment yet.

Taking her back to the dr for a second opinion.

bocboc8 Mon 22-Aug-11 17:15:08

Mumsnut, how's your neice doing on her treatment? Does she has regular check ups? Did she has a biospy to confirm that it is indeed LS? Sorry for too many questions. Just feeling so worried.

Mumsnut Wed 24-Aug-11 13:10:17

She didn't have a biopsy. I think her itching is better - but she is 12 and very reluctant to talk to anyone / let her mum talk to anyone about it. I would push on if you are really worried. The paleness would show as white patches ('placques') usually, not an overall paleness.

bocboc8 Wed 24-Aug-11 13:38:09

Thanks for replying, Mumsnut. When you say "plaques", do you mean dry, scaly patches? Similiar to psoriasis? My dd's sort of smooth pinkish pale.

Took my dd back to the dr for a second opinion. Seen a different GP and she confirmed that the paleness is caused by the after effect of the rash/thrush that she had a few weeks ago. GP said she seen cases of LS before so would have recognised the symptoms straight away.

Mumsnut Wed 24-Aug-11 22:08:39

Then I would watch and wait! The 'placques' are distinct white patches.

bocboc8 Sun 28-Aug-11 11:17:10

I'm going to take her back to the dr next week and will insist on a referral.

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