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My DS has had a allergic reaction to colouring

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heathermumof3 Fri 19-Aug-11 21:47:27

My DS has had a reaction to eitther the beetroot red colouring or the spinach extract. DS came up in a rash all over his back and arms. The only thing he had different today was fairy cake out of a packet.

The doc said it was probably down to the above colouring agents. Never asked docotor kick myself now. Will this mean he is allergic to spinach or Beetroot or is it just the colouring. Has any one had any children with the same reaction to colouring. Also will need to check every thing he eats incase they have these coloruings?

whenIgetto3 Sat 20-Aug-11 19:51:56

[[ this] is what beetroot red actually is it is not beetroot so you should be ok with beetroot. My DS was allergic to annatto which is a yellow colouring but having taken it out of his diet for 6 years he now is ok if he has only a little of it. The only problem is that colourings don't have to be listed on the packet individually, annatto that my DS was allergic to is natural so we had to avoid all products with natural colouring on the ingredients, although now he knows that anything that is red or yellow (used in both colours) he should really avoid unless it is meant to be the colour, i.e strawberry

whenIgetto3 Sat 20-Aug-11 19:52:48

this might work better sorry

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