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19 mo dd goes cross eyed constantly

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hokeycakey Wed 17-Aug-11 14:44:14

My 19 month old dd has had one eye that rolls in for a long time now and it seems to be getting worse, I took her to the health visitor who said that she may be having focussing problems. It happens a lot if she is tracking something with her eyes or drinking from a cup or if she turns quickly to look at something.

I am waiting for a referral to a specialist but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this, will she need glasses?

Thanks for any help!

NoNoNoMYDoIt Wed 17-Aug-11 14:50:13

i noticed my 2yr old's eyes turning in when she brought an object towards her face, like a cup or some food and she was watching it. i mentioned it to the HV and she said it wasn't right and referred us to the hospital for tests. she now wears glasses. she was under 2 when she was referred.

difficult to say if your DD will need glasses, but it sounds like she might. if it is just one eye, it may be that she has a lazy eye and will need patching.

my DD is very long-sighted in both eyes, so has to wear glasses all the time and at the moment isn't patched, but they are keeping a watch on her right eye as they are unsure it is working quite as it should.

the service we get from the hospital is first-rate. we are always seen on time or early. the appointments are short and sharp and the ladies who see to her are lovely.

she did have to have her pupils dilated with drops (which bizzarely - she LOVED!) in order to establish an exact prescription. but that is the only invasive test that she has had. she is always disappointed when we go and she doesn't have to have drops put in. strange child!

NoNoNoMYDoIt Wed 17-Aug-11 14:53:04

meant to say - if she does end up with glasses, you will be given a prescription to take to an opticians and you can order a pair of NHS glasses for free. the frames really aren't bad these days.

however, DD breaks her glasses or bends them on average at least once a week. so we now have 2 pairs (we got a prescription for a free second pair).

so if you do get prescribed glasses for her, when you go back for a follow-up and as long as they don't suggest that she needs a different prescription, ask for a repeat prescription for a second pair. that way you should be able to maintain one wear-able pair most of the time. it is invaluable if you go away for a few days!!

NHS glasses get repaired for free, so it won't cost you anything other than your time. we are in the opticians at least once a week. the ladies there love my DD and give her stickers every time we go.

hokeycakey Wed 17-Aug-11 19:47:14

Thanks so much for the response and the advice! I was wondering how glasses on a toddler would work

Reassuring to know as well that it hasn't been a horrible experience for you and dd! I had to wear glasses as a child and didn't have a nice time of it with other kids so guess I am just worried

I s this something that could get better as she gets older?

Thanks again!

Seona1973 Wed 17-Aug-11 21:01:11

dd 9now 7 1/2) also got referred to the orthoptist at the hospital around 18 months as she was squinting. She turned out to be long sighted in both eyes and the sight in her left eye was poorer than in the right eye. She got glasses and had to do patching to improve the sight in her left eye. She will probably always need glasses. She did have an eye op at the age of 4 as the squint was still noticeable even with her glasses on. DD has never had an issue with other kids and there are quite a few others who wear them in her class/at the school.

hokeycakey Wed 17-Aug-11 21:37:48

thanks Seona, does sound quite similar to dd and glad your dd has no problems at school

guess I will have to see what the hospital say

NoNoNoMYDoIt Thu 18-Aug-11 11:49:41

yes, there are loads of kids in my DS's class who wear glasses. no teasing at his age (he doesn't wear them tho). i think it helps a bit that NHS frames don't look so truly grim any longer. also i think more younger kids have their problems picked up these days so it is more common to see kids wearing glasses.

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