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landlubber Wed 17-Aug-11 14:00:35

My 18 month ds 2 ticks all the boxes for being apraxic, although the neurologist says it is too soon for a diagnosis, but he has just had an EEG and hearing tests for exclusion purposes. I have always been aware that he has never babbled and have mentioned it at his check-ups. He seems to be on target for all the other milestones understanding language, following instructions, walking, motor skills, feeding himself etc However he makes himself understood and is signing of which I am now doing more. As to sounds he has a few, no real words, although occasionally the odd word seems to pop out, but usually not to be repeated.

There have been threads in the past on this subject but nothing recently. Is all this sounding familiar to anyone else, and what are you doing about it? My LO is going to start speech therapy, and it is suggested he goes to a nursery of some sort a couple of times a week. I am researching on the Net to see what practical advice is out there. Meanwhile I would love to hear from anyone who is or has experienced this problem what advice they can give.

Best wishes to everyone, Landlubber

auntevil Thu 18-Aug-11 18:17:10

Landlubber - try posting this in the special needs section. There are a lot of MNs there that have experience of SALTS for varying reasons - and SALT as well.

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