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Teething...or could it be more

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VixStarr Sun 14-Aug-11 20:05:07


I am a first time mum who has generally a happy baby. For the past few weeks my DS ( 10 months) has had three teeth come through and i am sure he's working on the fourth. We have had the ususal - funky nappies, occassional bouts of screaming/crying, red cheeks and dribbling ( although it had no affect on his appetite - in fact he ate/drank vast quantities so much so i couldn't keep up with his demands) But in the past couple of days he has been really listless, tired and emotional plus he hasn't hardly any milk/food. What worries me more is he is sleeping for longer at night ( extra hour or two) but still seems really tired. He hasn't got a temperature as such but it is slightly elevated to normal.

Is this still teething? Am i being neurotic? Does anyone have any ideas?

JustLea Sun 14-Aug-11 21:16:55

My Son is 11 months old and he has had stages of barely eatin or drinkin but sleepin for longer, at first it worried me because a couple of times I put him down for his usual nap but he would sleep right through without wakin up for his dinner! However, it was nothin to worry about, he was perfectly fine and he soon made up for it. He is more then likely still teethin, some teeth can come through without any problems (just the usual symptoms) where as others take longer and hurt more. They are more active aswell now and takin alot more in so its probably just really takin it out of him but if you are worried dont hesitate about seein a doctor..that is what they are there for smile Does your Son drink water? My Son spits water out as soon as it goes into his mouth but he will drink Heinz juice (from 4+ months) so I give him that when he is havin one of this stages to keep him hydrated. Best wishes xxx

VixStarr Tue 16-Aug-11 10:53:38


Thanks for the advice. Took him to the GP's and they told me that he had a virus ( he came out with all body rash) which in mind means they have no idea what actually is going on! Luckily he drinks water and has had plenty of wet nappies. xx

JustLea Wed 17-Aug-11 19:42:31

Your welcome smile Its good to know you had an appointment with your GP - they do tend to make 1st time mum's feel like they worry too much about anythin which makes you hesitate about makin an appointment but sod them..its better to be safe then sorry! Atleast you can concentrate on gettin him better now x

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