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Weird high and squeaky voice after adenotonsillectomy

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MrsJohnDeere Sat 13-Aug-11 19:31:16

My 5yo ds had an adenotonsillectomy on Tuesday. He reacted badly to the anaesthetic (sick, alternating between lethargy and hysteria, couldn't eat or drink) so was on a drip for 24 hours afterwards. He's now home and is eating and drinking ok and no longer snores but his voice has gone really strange. Really high-pitched and squeaky and girly sounding. Is this normal? Will he go back to having a 'boy' voice at some point or have we broken him? I'm worried that he'll go back to school after summer and everyone will laugh at him.

Elibean Sat 13-Aug-11 20:07:29

I've heard of this, seem to remember something about it in literature I was given when dd had the op....and also seem to remember reading it goes back to normal. I imagine the inflammation in the larynx area could do weird things to the voice - dd was very husky/strange sounding for a week or two after her op. The only lasting effect, as far as we could tell, was that she got distinctly LOUDER smile

Sorry your ds had a hard time, it sounds upsetting - and hope he's back to normal in every way (except snoring) soon.

cedmonds Sat 13-Aug-11 20:14:48

Ds voice went very high pitched after the opp it lasted about two weeks and was back to normal.

MrsJohnDeere Sat 13-Aug-11 20:23:38

Phew, thanks both. That's reassuring.

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