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Your Pyloric Stenosis/reflux symptoms please

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yummymummy345 Fri 12-Aug-11 16:40:20

Hi there, quite concerned about my 7 week DS. Been to hospital with him being sick/gagging/coughing after feed and constipated. They sent him home after blood tests. Been back to docs and they have given Gaviscon. Im not convinced its reflux I have requested ultrasound to rule out PS but they have said it wouldnt show up as he is only 7 weeks- are they fobbing me off?

Anyway, to put my mind at rest that it is reflux please can you post the symptoms you had with both conditions, thanks so much

Zampetta Fri 12-Aug-11 16:48:32

You poor thing - I hope you get this sorted quickly.

DS has horrible reflux. He's now 22 weeks - it was diagnosed at 2 weeks.

Main symptom was arching his back and screaming. And (before medication) he couldn't be put down on his back - he'd go mental. Now his symptoms show up as he gains weight and the meds need upping - same back arching, and also some dry retching. And being sick - although his reflux is mostly silent. Lots of coughing, and also snuffling.

Not sure if PS would show up or not - I would probably insist on an ultrasound, if I thought it might.

Gaviscon did nothing and he was put on omeprazole, which does work. It was really because he responded so well to omeprazole that his paed confirmed that it is indeed reflux.

I really hope you get to the bottom of this.

yummymummy345 Fri 12-Aug-11 16:57:00

Thank you, pleased they diagnsed your DS correctly at young age.

This has been going on for last week and half (he didnt do a poo for 6 days- only did because hospital put something in bottom to make him go - sorry tmi) now no poo for further 3 days and counting. Surely reflux wouldnt affect this. Althugh Cows protein allergy head goes hand ibn hand with reflux. He doesnt cry really after feeds or arch his back. he has put on weight but 4 oz instead of usual 9.

Sorry to ramble on just obsessed with getting the right diagnosis. They have said I can go back to hospital without a referal if I become more concerned jusyt not sure what to do, they said they are only going to perform the same blood tests as b4 (pointless really)

Zampetta Fri 12-Aug-11 17:02:47

I would be obsessed, too.

Is he breastfed? If so, then poo can be erratic. Mine is also has an allergy to cows' milk protein, soya and tomatoes. (He is ebf, and if I eat any of these his symptoms flare up again.)

I'm sorry I don't know much about PS - but couldn't you ask for a second opinion? My first consultant paed was awful, even my GP agreed, and I got us referred to another. A couple of times we have ended up in A&E, though.

If I were you I would do some research into PS and if it turns out that it can be tested for now then I would insist. When DS was in A&E at 4 weeks the possibility was raised, but they "checked" only by feeling his stomach and watching it move as I fed him. It was though not necessary to do any further testing. I think PS involves a lot of projectile vomit, in most cases (but I'm not sure).

DS has always been putting on health amounts of weight, despite his reflux. But some weeks less than others - that's normal.

Zampetta Fri 12-Aug-11 17:03:47

thought and various other typos - sorry

yummymummy345 Fri 12-Aug-11 17:13:28

thanks zampetta
bf during day, ff during night sickness worse with ff, brought whole feed up not across the room but with quite some force.

Shoulddohousework Sat 13-Aug-11 14:08:40

Pyloric Stenosis usually shows in babies from about 6 weeks - more common in boys and can run in families, starts with just vomiting small amounts but builds up over a few days to the point that they cannot keep any milk down - it is usually very forceful/projectile, it tends to be quite yellow and curdled as it has been sitting in the stomach. Babies usually become dehydrated and have weight loss.
If you are worried that it may be this, you can ask them to do a test feed, Drs can sometimes feel the thickened muscle while baby is feeding they can then do US if they want confirmation.
I can see why from the symptoms you have described they feel it may be reflux rather than PS but if you are still concerned then I would go back to the GP/Hospital and ask for a second opinion particularly if the gaviscon is not helping!

yummymummy345 Sat 13-Aug-11 20:32:57

Thanks should
the sickness hasnt really escalated in past few days and he isnt acting like hes malnourished so now agree with you that probably reflux, thanks for taking time to write.

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