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very hurty feet

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babyabroad Tue 09-Aug-11 21:33:56

My 2.5 year old has woken up screming in the night on 3 occassions this month complaining her feet hurt; she is thrashing them around, pulling her legs up and crying so much.
Has anyone else experienced this with their little one?
Is there such thing as growing pains in their feet, I am 99pc sure it isnt cramp.
Thank you

LordOfTheFlies Wed 10-Aug-11 10:27:28

Has she been walking alot barefoot eg in the garden or on the beach?

Or wearing sandles or shoes with a synthetic lining? These can cause alot of friction and heat especially if worn with bare feet.

My DS does karate(which is barefoot on wooden polished floor) and he used to get pains in his legs and feet that would make him wake up crying.Though at the time he was older than your DD.

We used Arnica gel for the pain.And if we knew he was going to be working hard he'd have a hot bath and Calpol to prevent night pain(not something we had to do regularly.Just if he'd done alot of moving around)

? growing pains.Some people dispute these exsist but chldren the bones grow first,then the muscles and ligaments catch up.

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