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Reintroducing Dairy to a 1yr Old

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Fayzal Tue 09-Aug-11 10:05:58

I'm not really sure if this question comes under the 'Health' heading or 'Food' or what but here goes.

My daughter has been dairy free since she was 15weeks old when it was suggested by the hopspital that various health probelms were due to a dairy intolerance. She is now nearly 13 months and healthy but my GP said now she is one we can try dairy again.

He suggested processed, cooked diary first so we've been on Organix Creamy Baby Rice Pudding for two days now with no side effects. He said to do it really slowly and it would be a good month and a half to two months before she could try cows milk as a drink.

I'm now at a bit of a loss as to where to go next in terms of what we try. To make it very gradual doing something like mashed potatoe with butter seems too much too soon. The GP suggested trying a Fromage frais but again that seems a big step. Does anyone have any suggestions or been through this process before who could offer advice?

catesmum Tue 09-Aug-11 15:32:53

Trying to remember what we've done when we've done dairy trials (i.e gradual reintroduction).

First was a bite of a homemade cake that contained butter.
Next day a whole cake.
Then half a spoonful of fromage frais, next day a whole spoonful, following day 2 spoonfuls etc.
The idea is to gradually build up to a whole fromage frais, then some butter in potatoes (so not "cooked" as in the cake which is the easiest to tolerate) and if all is okay then to fresh milk.
To be honest, we have never got further than half a spoonful of fromage frais!

Hope this helps

Fayzal Tue 09-Aug-11 21:34:35

Thanks Catesmum. Today has not been as trouble free as yesterday but not awful so I'm going to try another few days just on a spoonful of this babyrice pudding. If it settles a bit then I'll go onto the cake with butter and see how we get on. Thanks for the advice, I really want it to work but not holding my breath!

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