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Mole appeared from insect bite

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Downnotout Mon 08-Aug-11 13:07:08

my 9yr old DD2 got an insect bite 18 months ago. It never went away and turned into a mole like spot which has gradually grown. She has a few other moles which are mostly dark brown and flat but this is raised and uneven in colour.
I had my doctor take a look at it a few months ago and she agreed it had come from an insect bite and said it was nothing to worry about.
Since then it has doubled in size and has started itching. DD says it is painful but that may be because she has scratched it.
It's now bigger than the top of a pencil and I would like to get it checked again because of the changes.
So I know this may sound stupid, but over the last few months she has been repeatedly unwell after always being healthy. She had a viral infection that lasted weeks and left her very run down. She has enlarged lymph nodes in her neck that come and go, a bacterial (strep) infection with a purple rash all over her body that took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear up and six months ago they ran a number of tests to check for anything more "sinister" which showed a raised blood count, but not dangerously high and they put down to an infection.
On top of this DD1 has been in and out of hospital after an infection following an operation, falling downstairs and suffering a head injury which has left her with memoryloss and partial hearing and my father, who I was caring for at home, passed away after suffering heart failure.
I think my doctor thinks I am over anxious and he said if i needed to talk to make an appointment to have a chat about things. However every appointment has been fully justified, all that has happened has been genuine, been treated accordingly and while it's been a difficult time, I know I haven't overreacted to anything. But I'm conscious of turning up to have this mole checked, when they've already said it was ok, on top of everything else, is making it look like I have a problem.
So two problems really. One- the mole, do I take DD2 back to see the doctor. And-two, yes I'm grieving and it's been a tough year but I'm not depressed, so should I be worried about what the doctor might think?I feel I'm coping pretty well considering all that has happened.

NoodlesMam Mon 08-Aug-11 14:01:46

First of all I'm sorry you've had such a terrible year. You should never feel anxious about seeing your doctor, if you are concerned you should go, even if your DD2 is fine and no treatment is needed your doctor should be able to put your mind at rest. I had exactly the same thing as your DD2 on my back, started as a bite/spot and has left a very dark mole type mark which itches and sometimes burns. My doctor told me it was fine but it has grown, still itches and burns and I am sure as hell going to go back and get it checked again, whether my doctor thinks I'm over cautious or not. IMO Mother knows best and it's better to be safe than sorry!

SWImmes Mon 08-Aug-11 21:47:19

Go and get the mole checked. Chances are it's completely fine, but any change in moles like growth, itchiness must be checked by a Dr - or even better a Derm. Just go - it will give you peace of mind. You are not over reacting at all.

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