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Toddler headaches?

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SkipToTheEnd Sun 07-Aug-11 10:40:14

Is this possible?

DS is 2.2 last Monday he had one bad night where he woke alot and seemed distressed. He didn't have a temp and wasn't sick etc. There were no signs of illness but it was obvious that he was in some pain so I gave him paracetamol. After 40 mins or so he settled, slept for 3 hours and started moaning in his sleep until he woke fully again upset. It went on exactly like this all night.

Twice he held the back of his head as he cried. On the left side quite near his ear but not on it. I thought it maybe earache or teething.

The next day he seemed fine. 4 days later he cried whilst in his pushchair and again held behind his head, left side, low down almost on his neck. It took some paracetamol and lots of cuddles to sooth him but 2 hours later, all was forgotten and he was bouncing around and well enough to go to music group.

Friday he was at nursery. The said he wasn't himself and needed lots of cuddles which is unlike him. Friday evening he was fine though so not sure if this is connected.

Last night he was up from 11 with exactly the same problem. Just crying in obvious pain, holding the back of his head and very unhappy.

Could it be a headache? Or a sprained neck maybe? He has had no temps throughout this. No other signs.

I'm going to take him to the gp on Monday but if he is suffering today maybe the out of hours team would be best?

Any suggestions?

Sorry its long blush

SkipToTheEnd Sun 07-Aug-11 12:04:51

Bumping for any ideas?

He's not himself. Will it seem stupid to go to the out of hours?

Clara35 Sun 07-Aug-11 14:27:31

Hi, I would go to out of hours. I don't think it would be silly at all. Im like you & spend ages wondering whether to bother them or not but at end of the day you want the doc to say there is nothing wrong.

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