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9 month old has had a temp since last night - how long is it 'ok'?

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Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 06-Aug-11 16:35:53

9 month old DD was fine all day yesterday, happy and ate well. 9pm last night DP went in as she was stirring, picked her up and called me to get the thermometer as she was hot, her temp was 38.0 so we gave her nurofen - she then vomited everywhere. Gave her a bath etc, took her downstairs, temp still 38 but she settled to sleep.

Today her temp is still quite high, 37.9 and she is just a bit under the weather - she is eating ok, slightly less, and drinking milk pretty much as normal, but something is still bothering me. She'd had Calpol twice today which doesn't seem to have made much difference. What do I do now?

VelvetSnow Sat 06-Aug-11 16:49:40

hows her breathing? Check how many breaths in she takes in 30 seconds. Between 40 - 50 then take her to a doc immediately.

That was advice I was given yesterday by GP, my dd (10mo) has a cold and her respiratory rate was 36 - which is normal for a chid with a virus apparently. DD has medicine (paracetamol and nasal drops)

Make sure she has plenty liquids, but if you're concerned then just take her to the docs - even a phonecall to NHS direct could settle you

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 06-Aug-11 17:57:01

Thanks Velvet - I am counting about 22 in 30 seconds, her temp has slightly dropped, I will keep a close eye and call if I am still worried :-)

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 06-Aug-11 18:02:24

Meant to add, I hope your DD is feeling better soon.

Imnotaslimjim Sat 06-Aug-11 18:06:51

A high temp can be tolerated for as long as they are ill with no adverse effects. They've proven it actually helps them get better, so unless DD is in pain, leave the calpol etc for now

Its a sudden spike in temp that causes febrile seziures, so don't worry about that side of it

Both my DC have suffered a bad tummy bug over the last week, vomiting randomly, loose bowels and temp ranging between 38 and 39. Both are doing ok now, temp is down and DS is starting to eat properly again. DD only finished vomiting last night so is still a bit off

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 06-Aug-11 18:40:35

Thanks Imnot - I am surprised at myself tbh as not usually such a worrier but she has seemed so well until now that I guess it's thrown me. I let my imagination run riot and think there must always be something more that I'm missing. Will try to relax. She has definitely cheered up a bit over the last couple of hours anyway. Glad yours are on the up and hope your DD starts to feel better.

Imnotaslimjim Sat 06-Aug-11 22:29:25

I think we all worry when its our own. I only know all that as a GP told me when DD had tonsilitis last year. As long as she seems well in herself, I'd try not to worry

DD seems a lot better now thanks, has eaten her tea as normal. Shame I can't say the same about myself sad don't you love it when the kids share their germs

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