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frequency of visits to dentist for DS

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christine34 Sat 06-Aug-11 14:36:44

Hi, my DS is 14 and I've just realised we've gone 9 months instead of our usual 6 monthly checkup at dentist (now booked in for next week)! My friend said she "can't believe" I've left it 9 months and now I feel like a bad mother! As I said, we usually go religiously every 6 months (and hygienist)! He has no cavities to date and is pretty good with his teeth.... how often do your teens go now? Thanks!!

Seona1973 Sat 06-Aug-11 17:09:11

as long as he has been brushing properly and looking after his teeth then a 9 month break should be fine. It ended up being near enough a year between check ups for me and the 2 kids (age 4 and 7) as we hadnt got a reminder letter and I kept forgetting to phone for an appointment and all our teeth were fine (I just need a scale and polish). Some dentists leave a year between check ups as standard

Seona1973 Sat 06-Aug-11 17:11:07

p.s. the nhs website says children should be seen at least once a year.

christine34 Sat 06-Aug-11 17:53:40

Thanks, Seona, your post was very reassuring (!) and interesting that NHS website says at least once a year.... my son is very hard on himself and I know that if he ever needed a filling, he would be gutted, so hope we go on as we have so far...! Thanks again. smile

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