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The gp has told me that ds1 (4yrs) has a tilted pelvis and a deranged hip

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SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 08:57:40

WTF does that mean?
How will he be treated?
The gp said he will send a referral and we should hear from the clinic next week.

Ds1 has been complaining for months that his leg hurts and he can't walk, but I thought he was just trying to get out of going to nursery sad

I'm really hoping he doesn't need an operation or anything like that.

Herbiethecat Sat 06-Aug-11 21:29:14

It's possibly Perthes disease'-Disease.htm though he's a bit young for it.

I hope he gets good treatment very soon.

SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 21:38:06

Thanks for that Herbie
I am hoping that our gp's original comments sound worse than ds1's condition is iyswim.

I feel really guilty because for months I thought it was his way of trying to get out of walking to nursery, until he started limping.
I spent so long stressing and shouting at him, and he has actually been in pain. sad
I am the worlds worst mother

talkingnonsense Sat 06-Aug-11 21:46:31

You are not. Ds2 broke his collarbone and we only noticed when the healing left a bump. On another thread today someone hadn't noticed their child was deaf until school pointed it out. Nobody is perfect and we do our best.

SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 21:48:34

thanks talking nonsense
doesn't stop us feeling awful though does it.
How's your ds2 now?

Herbiethecat Sat 06-Aug-11 21:50:04

It's hard if not impossible to get it right all the time. Sympathy.

SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 21:51:36

Thanks smile

Ah Silvery don't beat yourself up. He has been seen now and you can sort treatment.

orienteerer Sat 06-Aug-11 21:53:05

Take heart if it is Perthes disease (re Herbiethecat's post), a friends DS was diagnosed with this at age 6, now almost 9 and pretty much sorted out.

SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 21:56:53

I hope it's something that a few exercises and things can help, I'd hate for him to have surgery or be in a brace or cast.
Hopefully he can be seen sooner rather than later.

boolifooli Sat 06-Aug-11 21:59:09

Please, please don't beat yourself up. Ds had what I assumed was a sprained ankle when he was 2, turned out it was an infection somewhere in his brain that was affecting his balance/coordination. We're not trained drs, well I'm not, and is understandable that I didn't see it as anything out of the norm.

SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 22:03:19

Oh boolifooli sad
Your poor ds. Is he ok now?
of course you wouldn't have put that down to an infection in his brain.
Thank you all for telling me your stories.

boolifooli Sat 06-Aug-11 22:21:09

Yep, much better smile good luck with lo.

SilveryMoon Sat 06-Aug-11 22:22:39

good to hear.
Thank you

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