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Inguinal hernia

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belfast80 Sat 06-Aug-11 01:00:22

Hello there,
Just wondering if anyone else's DS has had an Inguinal hernia? My LO was diagnosed with this on Wednesday at his 8 week check and referred to the hospital for a minor op to get it repaired. Unfortunately today it has popped out several times (usually after a feed) and he gets very distressed and it is awful upsetting sad
We have been to children's a&e twice today (waiting 3 hours to be seen each time)
where they just popped it back in and sent us home. They showed us how to pop it back in ourselves but it's getting bigger. Has anyone else been in this situation? If not, how long was it before your LO had the op? I feel sick at the idea of him having to go through this over and over again all weekend.

belfast80 Sun 07-Aug-11 22:05:42


BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 08-Aug-11 19:18:27

DS2 had one operated on at 12 weeks

We had a short wait, perhaps ten days or so between diagnosis and op

I would be doubtful about popping it back in yourself, that seems fraught with peril, in case it gets twisted and produces a real emergency

Back to A and E if it comes out again?

(PS DS2 is 9 now, no ill effects at all, a teeny tiny scar is all, about 2 cm long, in the fold of his leg where it joins his groin)

belfast80 Tue 09-Aug-11 20:59:20

Thanks for replying! That's all good information, cheers. I phoned hospital today and he is on the urgent list so fingers crossed it happens soon. It's come out a good few times but goes back in if we try and calm him down - he is out of sorts and whingey for a while after which is very out of character for him as he is a happy wee soul usually. Argg, fingers crossed we get it sorted soon! Thanks again.

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