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Hypermobile joints/tummy pain. Advice please!

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kevlarbrassiere Thu 04-Aug-11 13:52:41

My 7 year old ds has very mobile joints, attending a paediatrician due to unexplained tummy pains.

Had a quick consultation at the clinic, and the doctor said that he was hypermobile and that it may be connected to the tummy pain. They were very busy with lots of emergency admissions, etc., so the doctor said that he would have to bring him back another day for investigations.

Our appointment arrived today, and he won't be seen until November.

I was wondering, if anyone had any ideas what might be going on with my ds?


RunningOutOfIdeas Thu 04-Aug-11 14:00:12

My DD is a lot younger than your DS (only 3), however she has hypermobility. Going on the problems she has, reflux or a hernia could be the source of tummy pains. This list from the NHS here suggests IBS is also associated with hypermobility.

Hope your DS gets some help soon. It is frustrating that you have to wait so long.

kevlarbrassiere Thu 04-Aug-11 14:05:42

Thanks for the reply.

Its awful for him, as he regularly wakes with really bad pains.

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