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Sun Tan lotion for v. fair DC's

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jepa Thu 04-Aug-11 08:09:34

Hi advice please, we are just back from a week in Greece where despite suntan lotion my very fair DS both burnt. I was using factor 50 once a day waterproof lotion, so really unclear as to how they could have burnt. We applied 30 mins before going out and again at lunchtime.
They didnt burn badly but obviously I dont want them to burn at all. We are going away to France at the end of the month, so want to make sure they are fine - any recommendations ?
Thank you

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Aug-11 08:15:18

We are in South of France at the moment and the DC have been using Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids factor 50 (the white bottle, moisturising spray) and have not burnt at all, despite being in and out of the sea. I'm seriously impressed with it (and the adult stuff also, which has kept me annnoyingly pale grin).

Mind you, we arrive early, leave the beach at 12.30-1 and don't return until 4pm, so avoid the hottest part of the day.

Seona1973 Thu 04-Aug-11 08:17:26

I have never tried the once a day lotions (dont know if I would trust them!). We used factor 30 superdrug sunlotion on the dc's in Tunisia and neither got burned - applied frequently especially after swimming. We also had Ambre Solaire factor 30 lotion but had only just started on it when it was time to come home. We always choose lotion with a 5 star rating for UVA protection.

jepa Thu 04-Aug-11 08:35:27

Brill - thank you both
chippyminton we too avoided the mid day sun and I have to confess to a very light spray tan for me as the kids inherited my very very fair skin. Now I just sit smugly under the shade and read my book ! smile

crazycarol Fri 05-Aug-11 23:51:43

I have very fair skin and usually use factor 50 - probably more often than I should and I still burn. I have learned to live with it and don't sunbathe and keep out of the sun. My dd has inherited my fair skin but doesn't burn quite as readily as me. I think that there are some people who the sun just doesn't agree with

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