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dawneg Wed 03-Aug-11 19:19:33

Ok, so this it the situation:

dd1 scratching like mad on Saturday, thought she'd been bitten by mosi's. Put bite cream on, stopped scratching temporarily. Continued to scratch over Sunday and Monday.

Didn't think it could be nits until mon a'noon (terrible, I know), but she always get bitten by mosi's and reacts badly. Plus we haven't been at school for a week and I'm always looking in hers and dd2's hair as they have cradle cap still.

When I looked closely on Monday, she was covered in bites in a u shape around neck and ears and scalp.

I only found a 3-4 tiny brown eggs (I now know what they are after research, I thought nits were white) and then did the conditioner and nit comb trick only found 2 tiny lice (they looked dead), left conditioner on over night.

Got Hedrin Once gel spray next morn and applied according to instructions, washed with Vosene tea tree nit repelling shampoo and rinsed. I then found about 3 tiny dead lice in bath. I checked her again with my standard nit comb, nothing at all, no brown or white eggs nor nits.

Checked dd2 found just 2 tiny brown eggs. So decided to treat her as well, just in case. As I was spraying her hair with the gel one huge, dead lice (4 times the size of the others) appeared on her shoulder! Nothing else came out with Vosene shampoo and rinsing. Checked her after this with comb, no eggs, no lice, nothing.

Treated myself too. Nothing came out in rinse, either.

dd1 still itching last night, checked with lashings of conditioner and new Nitty Gritty comb (£22 and counting so far spent on these beggars). Got absolutely nothing out on comb at all except conditioner. Saw another couple of little brown eggs and got out with fingers.

Treated her again with Hedrin this morn and then again with NG comb, asbolutely nothing.

Have had eyes, hands etc on and in dd1, dd2 too and me permanently since monday and find absolutely nothing!

Could it be the eggs and lice are too small to be combed? Also, as only found 1 adult lice, where the hell are the others or could it just be this one that bit dd1 (about 40 times) and laid just a handful of eggs and THEN transferred to dd2? I would definitely spot an adult one as it was so huge.

None of this fits in with the standard cycle: catch a large adult or 2 off another person; they bite you, grow and lay brown eggs, 7-10 days later the eggs hatch tiny lice, leave behind a white shell they grow, lay eggs etc etc.

dd1: itching started on Saturday and bites appeared, found 4-6 brown eggs found 4 dead tiny lice (after treatment), NO adults and no white shells.

dd2: no itching and no bites, found 1-2 brown eggs, no tiny lice, 1 huge adult lice (during treatment) and no white shells.

I have washed all bedding, towels and recently worn clothes, I have kept teddies away from bed and hoovered floors. Have boiled hairbrushes and hair bands (chicked the cheap ones) tho, NHS advise not to bother as 99% of the time can only be transferred from head to head.

This is bugging me! What do I do next? Seems pointless combing if nothing coming out on comb! It's laborious and uncomfy for the girls.

Calling all experts for advice on my case.

Thanks ladies!

Seona1973 Thu 04-Aug-11 08:38:38

that was like dd - spotted a big one and combed and only got the big one out (no eggs and no babies). Treated her and combed again and got nothing else and then did the same a week later - still nothing. I can only assume that the louse was a male and couldnt lay eggs. The itching is caused by a reaction to the droppings of the head louse and not to the bites although you can be allergic to the lice as well.

I would re-do the combing in a few days just to double check and then retreat each dd a week after the first treatment you did. The bites could be unrelated to the head lice and may well be mosquito bites if she is prone to getting bitten.

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