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Teething is putting DS off bedtime bottle.

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razzlew6 Wed 03-Aug-11 08:49:15

Hi there - DS is nearly 6mths & teething - seems particularly bad at bedtime and he will hardly touch any of his bedtime bottle. It's not a hunger issue because he will eat porridge till it comes out of his ears. I've tried pushing his porridge back from pre bath to post bath/ bottle but doesn't seem to make him want his bottle any more. At the mo I am having to get most of the milk (4/5oz) down him via v milky porridge. But dont want to get him out of the habit of having a bottle then - am conscious that when he moves on to having veggies at teatime I won't be able to get the milk down him that way. Might try Calpol pre bath tonight to see if it helps his gums by the time he's due the bottle ... any suggestions? Thanks

Flisspaps Wed 03-Aug-11 08:57:47

Calpol before the bath, and then some Dentinox/Bonjela/Calgel (whichever)

Of course, it might just be he doesn't want it any more as he's not particularly hungry then, in which case, keep on getting milk into him either with his porridge or by making sure there is plenty of dairy in his solid foods (cheese, yoghurt etc) - it doesn't have to be milk in liquid form smile

razzlew6 Wed 03-Aug-11 08:59:26

Thank you!! Yes he's lapping up yoghurts too and they're nice and cold and soothing

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