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Gaviscon no longer working for 2yo ds, what do you recomend?

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Confuzzeled Wed 03-Aug-11 06:44:15

Ds has been on infant Gaviscon since he was born. We're down to one double sachet at night before bed, it only seems to bother him at night. We've tried to come off a few times but he just wakes up crying in pain.

This last week he's been waking up crying in pain with little burps every 2 hours.

Does anyone know if there's a simple answer to this? I have a doctors appointment for him next week but would like him to sleep before then.

mummytime Wed 03-Aug-11 07:03:33

I would request an emergency appointment and get seen sooner. I presume you have been seeing specialists over this? It would worry me such long term use of any medication in such a young child.

Paschaelina Wed 03-Aug-11 08:04:17

There are other medications for this. He needs to see a paediatrician really. Get the gp to refer him.

Confuzzeled Wed 03-Aug-11 09:51:13

I've got an emergency appointment for this morning. Not seen any specialist before, it was so easily treated with Gaviscon and we thought he'd grown out of it. I'm going to ask for food allergy testing this time. I know it's not dairy, we've gone dairy free before and it's not made any difference. My husband and all his family have bad indigestion, all on Omniprazol for years.

nightcat Wed 03-Aug-11 09:53:48

I'd say don't give him any wheat-based meals in the evening, as it could be wheat related (wheat gluten is not well digested and can cause all sorts of problems). Gluten sensitivity can't be detected by tests only by diet trial.

twilight81 Wed 03-Aug-11 19:33:39

they say it runs in families sometimes there is no cause it just happens, my ds 2 has a hiatus hernia which caused severe reflux since birth.. we have been through every medication going and he finally seems to be on the up! we have very unsettled nights though sad zzzzzz
i would most definitley ask for a referal to a gastro paed he probably needs something to supress the acid production.

Confuzzeled Fri 05-Aug-11 06:24:59

Just thought I'd do a little update.

Took ds to doc that day and they've referred him to specialist. They've told me not to give him wheat in his evening meal for now.

nightcat Fri 05-Aug-11 10:04:17

agree with your dr, makes sense to me I reckon it will help

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