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Lansoprazole - DD screaming in pain - HELP!

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milamum Tue 02-Aug-11 22:17:14

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help with some advice or share their experience of their LO taking Lansoprazole and any side effects it may have caused them.

I have a 20 week old DD who has silent reflux. She was on a max dose of Omeprazole for 2 months (18mg taken twice a day) but was switched to Lansoprazole 3 weeks ago because although Omeprazole controlled well her reflux symptoms, she was still refusing to feed where she'd either eat for 2-3 minutes and then pull off and won't continue or refuse feeding altogether to the point where I have to sleep feed her (she's bf). We thought switching the medication may help and so are trialling Lansoprazole, she's currently on 7.5mg taken once a day (am) 30 mins before a feed. The dose was increased today to 10mg once a day but we've not yet given her the increased dose.

Since being on Lansoprazole she started having screaming episodes every evening after already going down for the night. They start at the same time between 9pm and 9.30pm and she won't calm down or be settled for a hour or two. It looks like she's screaming in pain (possibly stomach cramps but difficult to say). Also, her night sleep has become very disturbed and she started waking up pretty much every hour or even more often and sometimes won't go back to sleep for 1-2 hours! Needless to say I'm exhausted. She used to sleep quite well with only a couple of wakings for a breastfeed (around 2am and 5am). She is absolutely fine in the day although her feeding is still bad and I sleep feed her most of the time.

I am wondering if the screaming in the evenings and night sleep disturbance are side effects of Lansoprazole or if it actually wears off by this time as we give it around 7am and so it's reflux causing the screaming ? It doesn't look like reflux though, that's why I'm thinking it's possibly the medication but it's strange it's at the same time every day.

If it's Lansoprazole causing all this, we will go back to Omeprazole but I really don't want to keep switching her meds unnecessarily. Has anyone else noticed any side effects in their baby taking it?

Many thanks

cardamomginger Tue 02-Aug-11 22:40:52

So sorry. This is horrid sad. DD was on 15 mg lansoprazole a day and she didn't have any side effects from it. I gave it in the evening before her final feed - I don't think we were told when to give it to her and I only gave it to her then cos that was when I knew I'd remember and DH would be around to clamp cuddle her so I could dropper it into her mouth. Sorry I can't be more help. Is she being treated by GP or paediatrician? If GP, I'd recommend getting a referral to a specialist gastro paed. Has cows' milk protein allergy been considered (any dairy you eat would turn up in your milk)? Turns out that this is what DD has - many of the symptoms are the same as reflux. Good luck it is so sad. X

milamum Wed 03-Aug-11 09:52:13

Hi cardamomginger, thank you! I was wondering if I should increase the dose for a few days and see what happens just in case the dose is too low and wears off by night time. We are under a Paed who said we can go up to 10mg a day but the GP just gave me a repeat prescription for 3/4 tablet a day so 11mg (I know it's not really accurate anyway as dd doesn't swallow all the grits so I may actually try 15mg in a few days' time depending on how 3/4 of a tablet works). I'm sure her Paed won't mind as I increased Omep to max dose myself and when I told him, he said "well done!". I hope it's not the side effects as I find Lansoprazole easier to administer than Omep.

cardamomginger Wed 03-Aug-11 11:29:57

DD was on 15 mg a day at 6 weeks grin. But as you say, they never get all of it.... BTW if she vomits after taking it and it is dark pink, don't freak out (like I did). That's what vomited up lansoprazole looks like... Yummy....

milamum Wed 03-Aug-11 17:15:13

ahh, interesting about your dose, I'll definitely try 15mg then. She's been OK taking it so far but you never know when they may decide they REALLY don't like the taste of something! smile She hates the multivitamins I give her and sometimes vomits them out but I don't blame her, they taste really bitter! Thanks again!

gordonpym Thu 04-Aug-11 06:56:41

When DS2 was a baby, he was on Lansox (lanzoprazole) and we gave him 2/3 of a pill in the morning and another 2/3 at 6pm. It wasn't a syrup but a pink pill that dissolved very easily in a spoon of water. And it made a big difference.
This NZ website is really well done

milamum Fri 05-Aug-11 19:51:59

thank you gordonpym, I'll have a look at the website. We are on Zoton solutabs, which I also dissolve in water and give her in a syringe. GP wanted to give us a suspension, but it tastes so horrible dd just vomits it out! sad I'm now giving her half of 15mg tablet in the morning and quarter in the evening so will see how that goes over the next few days.

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