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Rash on forehead only - what might it be?

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fromheretomaternity Tue 02-Aug-11 20:00:21

DS1 (3.5 years) has a really nasty bumpy red rash on his forehead, but nowhere else on his body. Took him to the GP who said it was 'a reaction to something' and prescribed a hydrocortisone (?) cream if it didn't clear up.

But still left in the dark as to what it might be. I did take him swimming on Friday for the first time in ages so could it be an allergy from the chlorine left in his hair? Or a heat rash? Is there a risk it might be something more serious?

rockinhippy Wed 03-Aug-11 11:31:03

if its just on his forehead, then very likely its a heat rash, or posibly shampoo chlorine etc.

without wanting to alarm you as its rare & therefore VERY unlike, it won't harm for you to be informed of what other symptoms to look out for in Kawasaki Disease - info here

my own DD had this recently & I had never heard of it, nor had anyone I mentioned it too, caught early its treatable, so as your DS has a rash, if there are any other symptoms too, its a good idea to be informed

but try not to worry too much, the rash on its own is unlikely to be anything serious smile

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