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Ds (6) is sooooo itchy - anti-itch cream?

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anonymousbird Tue 02-Aug-11 10:46:58

DS doesn't suffer, as far as I know, from any particular skin condition, but several times a year - now being one of them - he has a phase of a week or two of just being unbelievably itchy. It stops him sleeping and he has red patches with pin prick spots in it....

We are consistent with things like washing powder, sun cream, bath products etc, all the obvious irritants and for most of the year he is fine.

I suspect that it may be a culmination of hot weather/in and out of the pool/swimmers etc, it also tends to appear when it is very cold, so I am fairly confident it will pass as it has before.

However, to ease his discomfort I'd be grateful for any recommendations for a general/all purpose anti itch cream that could help us through these occasional phases.

WhyMeWhyNot Tue 02-Aug-11 11:50:13

I use Lanacane on my daughter, she gets prickly heat so similar sort of thing. You can get that as a cream but she prefers the powder it seems to work quicker.

A chat to the pharmacist would be useful too. Good luck!

dikkertjedap Tue 02-Aug-11 12:14:56

Eurax lotion or cream is very good. You can get it over the counter in pharmacies like Boots.

nilequeen Wed 03-Aug-11 09:05:36

I really feel for your son; when I was pregnant I had the itchiest skin...ever! Kept me up through the night and almost drove me insane. By far the best product for me was Pine Tar soap - it hydrates the skin and stops the itch. I scrubbed it over my whole body with a shower puff. Leave it for a couple of minutes then rinse. Also, Aqueous (sp) cream - you can buy a huge tub from the chemist for a couple of pounds.

blewit Wed 03-Aug-11 17:01:36

If it's an allergy you could give antihistamine. I only say because I have itchy skin every few days (no idea what's causing it) and it goes away completely within an hour with antihistamine. If it goes away you could then investigate what's causing it. Sadly in my case I think it's white wine.

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