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Excema - 6mo baby.

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CardyMow Tue 02-Aug-11 00:24:58

Ds3 has a bad case of excema. Have been using Oilatum cream on it, and spoken to HV today, she has prescribed a massive tub of oilatum cream, and oilatum emmolient to add to his bath. I have noticed a possible link to his food (he was weaned on HV advice at 20 weeks, he's 27 weeks now). Wheat based foods make it worse, but Hv has said not to cut them out yet despite strong family history of gluten-related problems. She has suggested buying pure cotton clothing, and making sure that any poppers and fastners are nickel-free (apparently this can make it worse?).

Is there anywhere I can get pure cotton baby clothes with nickel-free fasteners from, at prices comparable to tescos/asda/matalan baby clothes as that's about the money I have available to spend??!! (am a lone parent with 4dc since 7 weeks ago, out of work on benefits atm)

pointydog Tue 02-Aug-11 21:03:46

I'd just get 100% cotton things. If you put a cotton vest underneath, any poppers would be against the nappy, no? Haven't head of the nickel thing. If your baby reacted to nickel it would be obvious at the point where it touhced the skin. Has it been noticeable?

And I'd speak to a GP if it's getting so bad it's bothering you.

cardamomginger Tue 02-Aug-11 21:28:59

DD had very bad eczema and sebhorraic (sp??) dermatitis from 3 weeks. She was also CMP allergic, which might have been linked. We were seeing a paediatrician at Great Ormond Street for her gastric problems and he referred us to his dermatology colleague. We used a combination of creams: Synalar 1 in 10, Synalar 1 in 4, Datacourt, and Trimuvate. When her skin was OK we used lashings of Diprobase and Balneum in the bath. Dermatologist said that it was really important to hit these skin problems as hard as you can when they are young and knock it right on the head, otherwise you may be storing up problems for the future. Personally I'd go straight for a referral to a paed dermatologist - GPs tend to faff about with 0.5% hydrocortisone, which, if it is bad just isn't going to do anything - it'll die down for a bit and then flare up again. Don't be scared of using steroid creams - used properly they are a God send. If you have noticed that wheat foods make it worse, then cut them out - I'd ignore the HV on this one. Give him rice or oats instead (assuming he can tolerate these). If you have noticed food problems and there is a history of food intolerance/allergy in your family, then ask for a referral to a paediatric allergist. DD used to cry when she was put in the bath, her skin hurt her so much. Apart from the odd very small patch that flares up every now and then she is now fine and we have been told we can now take her swimming - something I never thought would happen. Wish you luck - it is horrid.

shmoz Tue 02-Aug-11 21:42:45

My 8mo DS has had it mainly on his face since 3mo. Had a paediatric dermatologist referral recently but it had cleared up a bit by then by switching to a different steroid cream while waiting for the referral.

The advice given by the PD was to use steroid cream in the morning and evening to the particularly affected areas during a flare up.
Use a moisturiser (oilatum, doublebase, diprobase, dermol, whatever) as often as possible, minimum 4 times per day even when the inflammation has settled down, stopping the skin from drying out is essential to prevent it flaring up.

Def oilatum bath once a day, don't use soaps or baby shampoo or anything like that, use dipro/doublebase/whaterver as a soap substitute.

100% cotton clothing, non bio washing powder (don't bother with fairy, wilkinsons/tescos own just as good), surcare fabric softener.

Get your GP to refer you to a PD, as said above GPs tend to be a bit frightened in prescribing steroid creams for babies but without it you can't dampen it down.

Good luck,I hope you get it sorted.

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