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Worms and Nursery

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thingamajig Mon 01-Aug-11 21:06:48

DD has worms, I have given her medicine for them and when DH took her to nursery this morning, I asked him to mention it, so they could take extra care with handwashing, and make other parents aware. They sent her home and said that she was to stay off for the rest of the week or until they have gone.

Is this normal policy? I was expecting them to treat it in a similar way to headlice. I can see both sides, but I wasn't expecting her home all week. Please let me know what your nursery/school does.

rockinhippy Tue 02-Aug-11 00:44:27

No, its not normal,

though when I was dealing with this, I found out that guidelines vary from health Authority - authority IYSWIM, so it MAY be how it is in your area - you could ring your LHA & ask, or google your LHA name & communicable disease advice - though I doubt its stay home anywhere

though TBH I like their way better than my DDs old Nursery (when she was younger) - they refused to take it seriously or inform other parents at allhmm - I had to fight really hard to change that as there was no way I was going to run myself into the ground cleaning & washing, to make sure DD was worm free, only to have her catch them again - took my with holding payment to get it changed

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