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Vomiting bug - 8mth old.

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Makinglists Mon 01-Aug-11 15:00:56

DS2 started vomiting yesterday - in total 8 times - he's also had the runs (though not as much as the vomiting). He's drunk small amounts of formula and we've managed to get a few sips of dirolyte in him (heavily disguised with sugar free squash). He saw the doc yesterday who said he wasn't dehydrated - didn't think he was to be honest -and said that it was just a bug. Anyway seemed better today took 6oz milk this am - then a biscuit. At around 10.30 he had another 2oz milk and for lunch I gave him a mashed up farleys rusk (don't normaly use them but thought something bland and sugary would on this occassion be good) anyway all seemed good and thought he was on the road to recovery. We've had a few loose motions but put that down to the lack of food. Anyway he's got up from his post lunch nap and vomited everywhere - after cleaning up I've given him some sips from a doidy cup of dirolyte disguised with squash. Anyway is there anything else I can give him? - one minute he seems fine - if a bit tired and then he vomits. Thanks all

Makinglists Mon 01-Aug-11 15:01:38

sorry for the typos - rubbish pc and not concentrating as watching DS2 like a hawk!

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