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Will my toddler have a facial scar?

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chickling Sun 31-Jul-11 21:18:01

My 16 month-old cut his forehead on the corner of a coffee table a week ago. (We were in a holiday cottage.) The wound is pretty round and is only the size of the width of a grain of rice but my DH is freaking out, scouring the internet about plastic surgery etc and generally driving us both mad. I didn't want to leave a plaster on it but have now discovered that that was totally the wrong thing to do. The scab came off today, leaving new, deeper pink skin underneath and a shallow 'dent'. What can I do next to mimimize scarring? Bio Oil? Does anyone else have a baby/toddler with a facial scar? I am aware that this is all out of proportion. DH has a large scar on his cheek courtesy of a stray dog 30 years ago.

uggmum Sun 31-Jul-11 21:23:52

My ds fell and cut his head open a few years ago. It was very dramatic at the time and was a cut about 1.5 inches long (on his forehead).

When the wound started to swell it opened right up and looked awful. He had the wound closed at a&e. He does have a scar, it is very neat. But I don't even notice it now. He is actually quite impressed with it.

thisisyesterday Sun 31-Jul-11 21:27:32

i think your DH needs to calm down. it might scar, it might not. but it sounds tiny and even if it does scar it's ok!
talking about plastic surgery is really OTT in my opinion

that said, vitamin e is good for reducing scarring. the body shop sell a nice vit e cream which works well. or you can buy capsules and cut them open and put a bit on

when ds1 had chicken pox he was left with 3 of 4 scars on his face, but they ALL went eventually. they did take a long time though (months)

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