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Anyone use a special type of humidifier to help constant blocked nose?

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PumpkinBeans Sat 30-Jul-11 22:27:21

My 19 month old ds is struggling to breath through his nose tonight - Again!

He doesn't seem to have a cold this time or a runny nose and he has been fine in the daytime, but for the 3rd night in a row he's having a hard time breathing and its disturbing his sleep poor thing.

I'm using some drops of childrens olbas oil in hot water by the bed but I was wondering if there was something more effective I could buy like a humidifier that you can put oil into or something?

If anyone has found an answer to this problem please share it with us!
In the mean time I will see what google has to say on it.

Iggly Sun 31-Jul-11 20:13:11

Have you tried vacuuming his room very thoroughly, including his toys and mattress, take stuffed toys out of his cot/bed, wet dusting the room (use a wet cloth to wipe down every surface including the edges of the cot). It's even worth taking the mattress off. give all of his bedding a hot wash including sleepbag/blankets and iron when dry. leave the window open in the morning when it's cooler out

I say this because if he's ok in the day then it could be something like dustmites. I get this problem, especially in the summer when my hayfever is bothering me but it's always worse at night as I'm more sensitive to dust.

If this makes his breathing easier you just need to keep his room very clean.

Oh also I found olbas oil on DS's sleepbag near his feet was more effective plus a bit of saline solution up his nose before bedtime.

Elibean Sun 31-Jul-11 21:29:59

We have used (and still use) a reasonably well powered humidifier in dd2's room. She had endless breathing-at-night problems, none of them helped by a stuffy nose, and the ONLY thing that made much difference - apart from prescribed drugs - was a humidifier.

We have a cool mist one, and put it quite near her bed head - not full-on, as it soaks the sheets then, but nearly. Olbas smells nice, and seems to help a tiny bit, but the damp air helps a lot more.

If your ds is having problems breathing through his nose pretty much all the time, it could be adenoids - otherwise, likely to be allergies. You could try Zirtec syrup for kids, for a few days, to see if it makes any difference. Good luck!

PumpkinBeans Sun 31-Jul-11 21:44:06

Thankyou very much, I hadn't thought of dustmites I will follow the suggestions and see if it makes a difference.

I'll try the Zirtec too if he is no better tomorrow after the day of major cleaning! If he's still having problems I will investigate the humidifier option, thanks!

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