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What could this be?

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Piggyleroux Sat 30-Jul-11 21:51:46

ds 16 mo vomits after eating pasta with home made cheese sauce ( milk and cheese) he always seems to get sick about two hours after eating it. He then can't keep anything down until the next day (he is also bf)

I have only really twigged today that it's happening after he eats this combination of ingredients but he is able to eat all these things in isolation with no problems except milk which he generally doesn't have and he doesn't like yoghurt.

Could this be a milk allergy? Sorry for the ramble but I'm covered in vomit.

HoneyPablo Sun 31-Jul-11 07:11:47

It does sound like a milk intolerance. Speak to your HV or GP for some advice. There are alternatives that you can give him, such as soya milk and yoghurts. But it is best to seek professional advice before eliminating any food from his diet.

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