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4 year old with tonsillitis

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HystericalMe Sat 30-Jul-11 15:07:22

Oh dear! I've had tonsillitis the past couple of days and I think DS has it now too.

He is sleeping a lot today and very hot.

He doesn't seem to think he has a sore throat though.

It is an emergency or do I just let him sleep? I am watching him and making sure he eats and drinks.

Feeling worried.

jubilee10 Sat 30-Jul-11 18:57:37

Ds2 was very prone to this but didn't complain of a sore throat. He often said he had a sore tummy. The first couple of times he had antibiotics but our doctors don't seem keen on giving them now. They seem to prefer calpol/brufen and let it clear by it's self.

barbet1904 Tue 02-Aug-11 09:28:18

I agree. My 4 year old has had it a couple of times a year for the last 2 years. I find it really distressing and have ended up in A&E thinking it may be croup. Doctor says he may need his adenoids removing rather than tonsils (which was a bit confusing). Regular signs appeared again last night with tummy ache, laboured breathing and nasty croup cough. Here we go again. Calpol and ibuprofen again. Sorry this isn't much help but I can sympathise.

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