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travel to Hong Kong and Dubai

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SVH78 Sat 30-Jul-11 14:54:34

We are planning on travelling to HK and Dubai when DS is 7 months. I will be breastfeeding and will have just started baby led weaning. There is conflicting advice about whether hep a jab is required. Even if it is, children under 1 can't have it. So......what do we do?! Go and stick to just breastmilk and fruit and veg we've peeled ourself??!! Does anyone have any advice/experience??!!

bocboc8 Sat 30-Jul-11 16:52:29

Lucky you! HK is a lovely place to visit - I go there nearly every year!

Hep A is not required for children under 1. Maybe it would be helpful if you bring along some ready made food from UK (jars/fruit purees, etc)? I breastfed my baby and only allowed her cool boiled water.

No matter how tempting they look, never buy food from street vendors!

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