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Is this rash Chicken Pox???

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MrsVictorUbogu Fri 29-Jul-11 23:50:10

DD1 (11) has a rash that started wednesday morning, with one spot on her chest. It looked like an insect bite, red and swollen, but looked as though she had scratched the top off it by scratching, so I gave her an anti-histamine tablet and put some Anthisan on it (she is generally quite allergic to bites, they swell up nastily, go very red and are painful.) By wednesday evening, she had about 8 spots on her forehead and about 10 across her back. She had been outside all afternoon, so I assumed she had been bitten again, lots of gnats and flying ants around. Last night the ones on her chest/face started to go greenish. They look like there is pus under the surface of the skin, but there isn't. There are a few which have small scabs on them. She now has them on her nose, cheeks, forehead, back, shoulders, and a few on her arms and legs. She says they are a bit itchy, but not driving her wild, but she has been taking anti-histamine tablets so maybe this is why? I have given her Ibuprofen as the ones on her face are very painful now. She was 'under the weather' on monday and tuesday, no appetite, temperature coming and going and very quiet....not her usual self. Tonight she is being a grumpy little madam!

Is this chicken pox? I feel I should know, I have tried googling, but none of the pics match exactly.


hellymelly Fri 29-Jul-11 23:56:03

Sounds just like chicken pox to me.My dd started with some in her hair,and they looked so like scratched bites that I called the friends we had been staying with to say I thought they must have bed bugs blush.

MrsVictorUbogu Sat 30-Jul-11 00:01:18

Lol....we had stayed at my mum's on the tuesday night, when DD got up the 'bite' on her chest was really red and we teased my mum she obviously had bed bugs grin

Thanks for the reply, I'd better get to the chemist tomorrow to stock up on calamine!!

hellymelly Sat 30-Jul-11 00:11:08

You can get a foam now,especially for CP,that is meant to be better than calamine.Oats hung over the running bath tap in a sock help to sooth the skin and dry the spots,and you can give piriton too if the itchyness is bad,as you have been doing.The actual feeling rough bit doesn't last all that long so you may well be through the worst of it already.

MrsVictorUbogu Sat 30-Jul-11 00:29:10

Thanks hellymelly, I'll ask for that foam tomorrow, got plenty of porridge. Her temperature has gone now, and she feels fine, but I think I'll keep up with the Piriton, hopefully she won't scratch the nasty looking ones on her face. Wonder if DD2 and DS will get it....

hellymelly Sat 30-Jul-11 21:53:42

My dd2 got it almost three weeks after dd1's first spots,so you might have a bit of a wait.I think the incubation is usually about two weeks,but that's just off the top of my head.I had started to think that dd2 had escaped and that maybe she had immunity from being still bf,but then the spots arrived!

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