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Loose Bowels 3 yr old

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xmyboys Fri 29-Jul-11 18:58:49

I have a 3.3 ds who has varied bowel movements. Fairly regularly he will have very loose bowels / not quite diarrhea (sp).
I'm pretty hopeless and should track this a bit closer (might start a diary) but it's regular enough that it's starting to be a concern and is making potty training a bit of a nightmare!
I don't think he has a bug or anything like this as it's been going on for some time.
We were away and staying with family and friends so I put some of it down to strange/different diet but we are back home and back into our regular routine that i can't use this excuse anymore.
Before I go to the doctor I wondered if I should try some type of elimination diet. He eats a pretty regular diet with it's mix of this and that. I don't stop him eating sweets (although he isn't a big fan) or biscuits etc. but these are not a huge part of his daily diet.
He doesn't eat huge amounts of fruit but does have a couple of pieces a day as snacks.
No raisins etc which might be causing it. Juice is kept to a minimum, drinks mainly water.
His grandmother suffers Ceoliac.
Any thoughts or ideas?

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